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Our History

Health & Intelligence (H&I) Development Institute Ltd. (H&I)

H&I Development Institute Limited was incorporated in September 2006.

健 智 培 育 發 展 有 限 公 司

健 智 培 育 發 展 有 限 公 司在 2006 年 9 月註冊成立。

Why choose H&I?

Why H&I Center is an ideal learning center for kids
  • Contrast to other forms of math course currently provided by other service providers that emphasize rote learning in tense and boring study environment, E.nopi MATH is much more FUN. Kids are easily attracted to its more colorful, attractive and fun-filled teaching materials and learning tools and will display voluntary readiness to take up the subject. FUN is also an integral and essential element of H&I. This will put all our courses at the forefront of our clients’ assessments.

  • Hong Kong population consists of diverse nationalities and lifestyle. E.nopi is UNIQUE in the market and has earned a very good reputation among quality-conscious & well- educated middle-to-high class families from different nationalities and lifestyle.

  • Research tells us that today parents place more emphasis on building their kids’ multiple intelligence and critical thinking skills over basic math skill. E.nopi MATH trains multiple intelligence of kids, thus exactly the answer to their call as the ideal math course for the children.

  • What are the non-comparable benefits and characteristics of E.nopi course from H&I? E.nopi from H&I is:

      1. Systematic and well planned curriculum to deliver best standardized quality at all levels

        All the instructors are well trained to provide tutoring to students in a well standard progressive manner, so it is different from other individual learning centres in the market that the delivery may vary according to teachers’ preferences and quality.

      1. Interactive that incorporates proactive feedback

        Unlike the teaching methodology with big sized classes of other learning courses in the market, H&I Centre encourages small group learning that allows more personal guidance and interactive tutoring to students. The instructors will also conduct regular reviews and interactive discussions with parents to maximize the feedback.

      1. Using the ideal approach particularly fitting quality conscious parents’ requirements

        In the market, most local schools or learning centres will focus only on basic mathematical concepts. However, E.nopi MATH from H&I is so unique that the course also emphasize training in critical and logical thinking in addition to the interactive way of teaching. Thus, most well educated parents will found E.nopi course a very useful and valuable supplementary training to the basic skills which their kids received at schools. This learning approach with fun is welcome by students from both local and international schools.

Meet the Team

Our Instructor

Another key to ensuring kids can benefit from E.nopi math program are our instructors. They ensure that the kids will get the guidance needed during class – math concepts, strategies of computation, steps of computation, methods and tricks etc.: 

• They are certified by Daekyo H.K. Ltd. (E.nopi HK) as Enopi math instructor 

• Most of them are university graduates or possess Master Degree qualification 

• Most of them worked in multi-national corporations before joining us 

• Regular meetings among tutors are held to share experiences to raise the quality of teaching 

• We are caring tutors who know how to take care of the needs of kids 

In short, we want to show the kids that math is not a difficult subject at all and they possess the ability and confidence to tackle the subject in school!

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