Testimonials from H&I E.NOPI students

Tiare Coker (USA, Grade 5) – “Tiare is really proud of herself! She was in the bottom math group last year, and just after 3 months joining your E.nopi class, she has moved to the top group! She finally said to me that after all, math is not difficult at all. Thanks to H&I and the teachers in having put so much patience to help Tiare build her confidence.”

Dain (Korean, Grade 3) – “Dain is happy coming to E.nopi class in H&I every week. We all know about E.nopi. After we moved to Hong Kong from Seoul, we are happy that Dain can continue her math through our household name.”

Liam Alberquerque (Indian, Grade 6) – “Liam is already at the top group of the class. But, he wants to join E.nopi because he thinks the Critical Thinking Math can help him to further improve his skills. Before joining E.nopi, Liam has been doing other math course that emphasizes rote-learning and he felt bored with this. Now, he finds E.nopi much more
interesting and challenging.”

Patrick Otomo (Singapore - Grade 9) – “My son is very proud of coming to E.nopi class since he obtained very good grades in school after joining. His teacher even praised his good work in front of the whole class! He is so proud of himself! He said he won’t quit E.nopi as he likes his teacher in E.nopi very much. Thanks for the nice work, H&I.”

Joris Gordjin (Sweden, Grade 4) – “The teacher told me that Joris has improved a lot in his math at school. That’s definitely because he has come to lean E.nopi from H&I Centre. Thanks, H&I!”

Sarah & Mia Moyes (Japanese, Grade 5 & 2) – “Thanks so much to H&I teachers who have been so patience to take care of Sarah and Mia in class.”

Jodie Hung (Taiwan, Grade 3) – “The school report came out last week was really good, especially in math. I have to thank H&I for their efforts and patience in helping Jodie in this difficult subject. I don’t have to worry about her at all. Keep going, H&I!”

Wesley Chan (Hong Kong, K3) – “Wesley has been admitted to St. Paul’s Co-Ed school and will start his Primary 1 in Sept this year. I think we owe it to H&I since without the teacher, I cannot be so comfortable and leaving the training of this important subject to other people’s hands. I have no reservation to recommend H&I Centre to parents who want their kids to improve in math.”

Arielle Joss (8 years old) - At 8 years old, my daughter's confidence in her mathematical ability was at an all time low. She was struggling to keep up in the third maths group at school. Homework was stressful for her, as were class tests and participating in most classroom activities.

I heard of the Enopi course being held at the H&I Centre in Discovery Bay and decided to give it a try. I believed she had the ability but not the confidence to feel better about her school maths lessons.   

The Enopi course turned her maths around! Within a month, her worries about the school maths classes and homework had gone. With the Enopi methods, she was easily able to keep up in class; in fact, she was quickly moved into the top group, achieving the highest possible grade in her report, only one year later. 

I believe with the encouragement and support given by the staff at the H&I Centre, together with the methods used in the Enopi course, she has been given a huge advantage in her maths from this point on. I highly recommend it to any parent who feels their child needs a confidence boost or support with maths. If your child is stressed out about maths, I truly believe Enopi is the answer. It's great way to learn what can and should be a fun subject!

Testimonials from (Global) E.NOPI students

(Edward and Richard Kang) “The first thing we do in the morning is E.nopi MATH. We never forget to study E.nopi MATH in the morning, just as we never forget to have breakfast. We never get bored of E.nopi MATH.” They have no doubt that E.nopi MATH is the main reason they always get high scores in their math classes. Their mother says: “I recommend E.nopi MATH to other students and parents, because I see my children’s improvement everyday. I am especially surprised at their critical thinking abilities in math. Nothing instills good studying habits better than E.nopi MATH.”

(Mattie Wasik) ”We chose E.nopi MATH because its air-tight method requires Mattie to thoroughly master skills one level at a time, thus ensuring a strong foundation of basic skills. This system has helped us troubleshoot problem areas accurately. In addition, we have found that the real beauty of E.nopi is how it stresses critical thinking to be just as important as understanding the basics. While Mattie is very structured and rule-oriented, she often grows bored of rote learning. E.nopi offers our daughter much more. She especially enjoys the "fun" brainteasers that exercise her logic. As parents, we immediately recognize her success comes from having a supportive instructor who believes in her and gives her individual attention. As a result, Mattie is a more confident student, eager to help classmates with math in school.”

(Isabelle and Martin Riu) “We had used other studying materials for many years. However, we changed to E.nopi MATH because it is more helpful for math classes and more fun to learn. Every question in Critical Thinking is interesting and challenging.” Isabelle also takes E.nopi Korean. “My children are always getting ahead of their class curriculums and they are proud of their results in school. Their E.nopi teacher chooses studying programs and teaches at the appropriate skill level for my children.”

(Ham Mong Tin) “Critical thinking ability is very important for the mastering the foundation of Math. That is the reason that I enroll my child for E.nopi MATH Class. My child has learned the Math concepts and has improved in her speed in doing Math sums. In my opinion, it is best for parents to enroll their children when their children are around the age of 4 (to 5) years old. The parents will see great results from the E.nopi MATH program. Thank you.”