What is Eye Level?

E.nopi from Daekyo – ‘The World’s Largest Open School’



Company Background

Founded in 1976, Daekyo (韓國大教教育集團) is a household name in Korea. Throughout the years, Daekyo has become a global educational services provider through continuous efforts to develop a variety of educational methods and curriculums. An estimated one in three Koreans born after 1970 has registered for the group’s courses developed by Daekyo. In 2008, it has registered approx. 2.4 million members in more than 15 countries. Daekyo’s teaching staff has grown to 17,000.

Since its founding, Daekyo has placed a high priority on the development of tutorial materials to reflect the underlying philosophy of the E.nopi education system. Over 200 staff at the Daekyo Educational Research Institute (founded in 1985 with a vision to emerge as a world-class research institute for the development of tutorials and other educational materials) is involved in research on all aspects of education that include the development of tutorials, students' diverse educational behaviors, work habits, and individual preferences.

The “E” in “E.nopi” represents

“Empowering students to learn independently and proactively”

“Education Services Provider”

“Education Programs at Student Eye Level”

E.nopi …encourages students to be self-motivated, independent, and proactive learners by placing them at the center of the learning process.

The core value of our philosophy…is that students improve their academic performance and become motivated to learn new things with an independent and proactive attitude

E.nopi 公司簡介

E.nopi 教育課程 是由 國際 享譽的教育機構 - 大教教育集團設計,成立於1976年, 在過去三十年, 其課程獲獎無數,屢獲殊榮