Educational System & Philosophy

E.NOPI = ‘From The Eye Levels Of The Kids’

Qualified And Caring Instructors. Dedicated instructors have developed their teaching skills for effective one-to-one teaching. Daekyo has always invested heavily in the training of teachers and operates a R&D facility to develop effective learning materials

Appropriate Starting Levels. A diagnostic test system of each curriculum helps instructors to understand the right starting levelsfor each student

Learn Independently and Proactively. By using the attractive, fun-filled workbooks and a variety of teaching tools, students are encouraged to acquire self-motivation, independence, and proactive learning attitude. While instructors offer their support and guidance, parents also become involved in the program by maintaining frequent contact with the instructors.

Personalized Attention. E.nopi’s fundamental belief is that students require personalized attention to maximize potential. We provide this type of care to students despite diversity in age and or learning level. As a result, we can manage the learning pace and progress of each of our students in order to help preserve, reinforce, and expand their knowledge.

Supplement The School-Based Educational System. The primary aim of the standard, school-based educational system is to provide a general base of knowledge and skills that all students should possess. The E.nopi supplements this fundamental learning experience

Nopi是韓文,代表水平(Level)。 E.nopi 即是Eyes Level,意思是從孩子的角度出發,讓孩子從樂趣中學習。


E.nopi導師會為就讀的學生進行持續評估,以進一步了解學生的個別進度。 (因材施教)

E.nopi 著重自小養成學生不會過份依賴父母或老師的習慣。導師的主要作用在於,為學生定立合適的起步Level,引導和鼓勵學生,並觀察/檢討學生的進度。