The Eye Level way - Creative, Effective & Fun

Puts fun in mathematics learning for children who get easily bored in the traditional rote learning environment

Professionally Developed Curriculum. Break down the complexity of mathematical concepts into a series of levels for students to comfortably study and learn one concept at a time and deepen their critical thinking on their individual pace. This curriculum is approved by the (USA) National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and commensurate with school systems around the world.

Divided Into Two Essential Parts: 

Basic Thinking Math seeks to build a strong foundation on a child’s ability in basic arithmetic, and is a core program to help a child learn arithmetic, applied arithmetic and related concepts.

Critical Thinking Math helps a child’s ability to solve mathematical problems, and is intended to build a solid foundation early on for a child’s ability to deal with applied math. Also seek to teach a child patterns and relationships, reasoning and relational analysis.

Eye Level MATH是由韓國最具規模的大教育集團設計, 課程獲獎無數, 連續十年蟬聯韓國最受歡迎教育品牌. 學生超過250萬名, 導師有1萬7千位, 課程遍佈世界13個國家,包括美國,澳洲, 中國,加拿大等地E.nopi MATH數學課程是一套特別為幼兒至中學生設計的全方位數學與思考啟發課程, 透過靈活生動的作業和學習工具, 大大增強孩子對數學, 思考的興趣和能力

Eye Level MATH 課程由數學訓練和思考訓練兩部份組成, 不單提高孩子的運算能力, 提升數學成績, 同時更增強孩子的邏輯,推理,分析, 組織能力和自信心,使孩子在學業上取得全面優勢

數學訓練 (Basic Thinking Math)
國際數學課程, 內容涵蓋香港教育局的幼稚園,小學,中學數學課程, 讓孩子明白數學理念和提高運算技巧, 建立良好的數學基礎

思考訓練 (Critical Thinking Math)
內容包括邏輯,推理,空間感覺,量度,解難題技巧等, 透過生活化的有趣問題, 和特別設計的教具,提升孩子的思考智慧

Basic Math is constructed as:
Set Concept
Intensive Study
Full Puzzle
Fun Activity
Critical Math is constructed as:
Set Concept
Intensive Study
Concept Story/Comic
Teaching Tools

Colorfully Designed Worksheets. Designed to put fun in math learning. With our programs, children look forward to doing their work while having a lot of fun. Concept comics are particularly welcomed by students

Variety Of Teaching Tools. Uses numerical figures, blocks and shapes, clear paper, colored blocks, mirror, wooden blocks, thinking pento, brick, and cube to enhance learning. Using these materials and teaching tools, E.nopi MATH boosts critical thinking and logical problem solving skills.

  • Learning conceptually instead of rote memorization & intensive repetition
  • Learning Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math simultaneously
  • Special emphasis on logic, reasoning, spatial, problem solving & measurement
  • Colourful, interesting and creative learning materials and tools
  • Weekly small group lessons
  • Suitable for children of 3-14 years old (32 levels)

  • Eye Level MATH課程特色

  • 全方位數學與思考啟發
  • 此課程設計獨特, 絕對能為幼稚園, 小學和中學學生建立鞏固的數學基礎
  • 英文數學
  • 全部內容均由英文編寫,包括文字題,和漫畫故事等, 能提升孩子的英文閱讀
  • 理解能力, 為孩子升讀優質學校作出最好的準備
  • 內容富創意和生動有趣
  • 透過生動的故事,遊戲和漫畫不同主題的練習, 訓練小孩子的思維, 加上豐富
  • 的色彩,刺激腦部吸收知識

  • Eye Level學習工具

    Eye Level MATH

    Concept: Cultivate excellent problem solving
    capabilities through perfection of
    mathematical thinking 

    Benefits from Eye Level MATH

    Development of truly outstanding students through Eye Level

  • Enjoys learning
  • Strong reasoning, logical & abstract thinking ability
  • String foundation in Math concept and skills 
  • Ability to view and solve problem from different angles
  • Capable of solving word problems
  • A keen sense of spatial awareness